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Dictionary of Scottish Art
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* Abbott Lemuel Francis Young Buck
Adams Richard The Fishing Boat
Adams Richard Flamingoes
Aldin Cecil Charles Windsor Fox Hunting (Print)
Aldin Cecil Charles Windsor Hoop & Stick (Print)
Aldin Cecil Charles Windsor Leapfrog (Print)
Ames-Penhale D Three Figures with Trees
After Anselmi Michelangelo Giovanni Battista Gastaldi
Andrieux Alfred Louis After Dinner
Armour George Denham Landing the salmon
* Armour Mary Nicol Neill Clematis Montana
* Armour Mary Nicol Neill Still Life with Lilies and Tulips
Armour Mary Nicol Neill A Lemon on a Plate
* Attwell Mabel Lucie I ain't noBody's Darling
* Attwell Mabel Lucie If him I were I'd write to her
* Attwell Mabel Lucie Poor Fido
Balfour-Browne Vincent Black Grouse in Flight
The Artist Known as Bambi Blue Liz
* Barrington Browne William Ellis Fisherman on a Highland Salmon River
* Barrington Browne William Ellis Fishing on the River Inver
* Barrington Browne William Ellis The Mill Pool, Dess, River Dee
* Barrington-Browne William Ellis On the Alert
* Bennett Frank Moss Feathered Tails
* Bergman Franz Grouse (Bronze)
Birch Samuel J Lamorna Loch Maree
* Black John Over the Moors
* Black John Grouse in mist, Lochnagar
* Black John The Challenge
* Black John Red Deer Stag
* Black John Winter Danger in the Cairngorms
Black John Ready for adventure (charcoal)
Black John Locked in Combat (Charcoal)
Black John Winter Hare
* Black John A day on the hill
* Black John Lioness and cubs
* Black John Winter alert
Black John Red Stag through heather
Black John Leaping Salmon
* Bogie John Portrait Miniature of Alexander Martin of Nellfield House
Boissevain William Aboriginals in a Landscape
Bowers David Alien with Earth
Bowers David The Visionary
* Alfred de Breanski Snr At Sunset, Loch Awe
Bridgland Judith Red Moorland, Glen Lochy
Bridgland Judith Montbretia in Sea Breeze, Portrush
Bridgland Judith Red Fields, Argyll
Bridgland Judith Rhododendrons and Buds
* Bridgland Judith Glen Almond
* Bridgland Judith Dark Clouds and Tall Grasses, Cowal Peninsula
* Bridgland Judith Garbh Allt
* Bridgland Judith Clifftop Grasses, Causeway Coast
* Bridgland Judith Swollen River, Braemar
* Bridgland Judith Distant Storm Clouds, Glenlivet
* Bridgland Judith Red Autumn Grasses, Dumgoyne
* Bridgland Judith Flowers on the Clifftop, Portnaboe
* Bridgland Judith Cottages and Harebells, Northern Ireland
Broders Roger Golf de la Soukra, Tunis, original poster circa 1930
Bryce Gordon Field by the Sea, Dunnottar
Bryce Gordon Bluebells and Geums
Bryce Gordon Silver Coffee Pot
* Bundy Edgar Preparing the Despatch
Burr John The Rest
Butler James La Toilette
Cadell F C B A French Barn, Normandy
* Cameron Sir David Young Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness
* Cameron Hugh A Welcome Visitor
* Cameron Duncan Thomas Aberdeen Harbour from Torry
Campbell Tom Grantown on Spey
Campin Toni Llabres Surreal Landscape
* Casson Hugh Inns of Court
* Casson Hugh Covent Garden
* Casson Hugh Inns of Court
* Casson Hugh Old Man of Lochnagar
* Casson Hugh Cat Surprised
  Casson Hugh Engine Test '42
Casson Hugh Recovery Crew, Little Rissington, 1942
* Christen Rodolphe Smiling Eyes
* Clare Vincent Plums Peaches and Strawberries
Clark Neil Superbity
Clark Neil Still Life with Rooster Pot
Clark Neil Still Life with Red Tomato
Collis Mary African Blossom
Cook Beryl At the Roulette Table
* Cooper Thomas Sidney RA Blackface Sheep in the Highlands
Copeland Mark The Mercury Cycle Co
* Coulthard Peter Balmoral and the River Dee
  Crooke Pamela Jane Faites vos Jeux
Crosbie William Still life with tulips, quince and blue lilies
* Cunningham John Still Life with Chinese Vase
Cunningham John Spanish Girls
Curtis George Vaughan La Femme et Le Maquignon
After David Antonio Prince Charles Edward Stuart
* De Hoog Bernard By the open window
* Dewar Miss Margaret de Courcy In the Bazaar
Dicksee Herbert Alsations
* Dicksee Herbert Goodbye
Dicksee Herbert Silent Sympathy
* Dicksee Herbert Comrades
Dicksee Herbert West Highland Terrier
Dobson William After 1st Marquis of Montrose
* D'Oyly John C R St Tropez
* D'Oyly John C R Fishermen mending nets
* D'Oyly John C R Mediterranean Scene
D'Oyly John C R Santa Margarita
D'Oyly John C R Cap de Ferrat
* Drian Adrien Etienne Frere et Soeur
* Dufy Raoul La Violiniste et la Pianiste
* Dupre Georges Holy Orders
* Eardley Joan Kathleen Harding
The Pink Jersey
* Eardley Joan Kathleen Harding The Byre
* Ertz Edward F Winter's Evening Glow
Ewan Alison Rainbow Woods
* Farquharson Joseph A Cottage Interior
* Farquharson Joseph Autumn Gold
* Farquharson Joseph Shepherd with Dog in Snow
Farquharson Joseph Frozen Wastes
* Farquharson Joseph A Croft Interior
* Farquharson Joseph Sunshine and showers
* Farquharson Joseph Some gleams of sunshine 'mid renewing storms'
* Farquharson Joseph My Heart's in the Highlands
Farquharson Joseph Finzean Harvest
* Farquharson Mo Rainy Day 2
* Farquharson Mo Warthog
* Fedden Mary Sheep in Pasture
Fedden Mary Owl on Branch in Moonlight
Feijen Lion A Moment's Rest
Feijen Lion A pair of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers
Feijen Lion Siskins
* Feijen Lion Singing Robin
Feijen Lion A Goldfinch on a frozen Sunflower
* Feijen Lion The Blue Flagon
Feijen Lion Duo of Mangosteen
* Feijen Lion Line of Pomegranates
Feijen Lion Japanese Bowls and Urns
* Feijen Lion Pharmacy Jars on a Shelf
* Feijen Lion White Enamel Bowl with Grapes
Feijen Lion Red Urn with Quince
Feijen Lion Winter Walk
Feijen Lion Antique Green Wine Flask with Quince
Feijen Lion No 1 Yellow Tin with Apples
Feijen Lion The Red Bowl
* Feijen Lion Tomatoes in a Shallow Bowl
* Feijen Lion White Bowl with Redcurrants
* Feijen Lion Red Vase with Pears
* Feijen Lion Wren
* Feijen Lion Blue Vase with Bowl of Lemons
* Feijen Lion Cherries
* Feijen Lion Roman Vase with Figs
* Feijen Lion Puffins
Feijen Lion As Free As the Wind
* Feijen Lion Puffins
* Feijen Lion Blue Can and Red Fruit
* Feijen Lion Wine Bottle and Apples
* Feijen Lion Blue Urn with Apples
* Feijen Lion Greek Jar with Olives
* Feijen Lion Flowers & Redcurrants
* Feijen Lion Jar and Garlic
* Feijen Lion Blue Urn with Oranges
* Feijen Lion A bowl of brambles
* Feijen Lion Blue Iris and Redcurrants
* Feijen Lion Spanish Oranges
Feijen Lion Antique Golf
* Foster Myles Birket Near Ballater
Foster Myles Birket A Cottage Near Ballater
* Fox George Lawyers in an interior
* Frazer William Miller Cattle Grazing
* Fulton David Herd Lassie
Gatherer Stuart Luke Street Corner after Dark
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Moving Pictures
Gatherer Stuart Luke Bottle of Beer
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Last Edition
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Evening Post
* Gatherer Stuart Luke The Corporate Lawyer
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Avarice (Study)
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Self portrait
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Blackfriars Bridge
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Wandsworth Bridge
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Putney Bridge
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Putney Bridge 1
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Self Portrait
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Pride - The Architect (Study)
* Gatherer Stuart Luke Faith (Study)
Gibb Robert Backs to the Wall, '18
Gibson Thomas Portrait of John Locke
* Gibson William Alfred Barges on the canal
* Gibson William Alfred Near St Jacques
* Gifford John The End of the Day
* Gleave Erik W Still life
Grainger James The Bull in the Pumpkin Bed
Grainger James The Dance of the Curate's Egg
Grainger James Tea Trolley
Grainger James Mad March Morris
* Grant Sir Francis PRA RSA Janet Florence Menzies at Halliburton, Perthshire
Grant Marianne Still Life of Flowers in Green Vase

Gray Alfred RHA

The Lynn of Quoich, Royal Deeside
* Green Roland Grouse in Flight
* Greig James William Brittany
* Greig James William Falmouth
Haddon Trevor At the Well, Toledo
Harding Frederick Portrait of a Lady in Blue Dress
* Hardy Jnr James Returning Home
* Hardy Jnr James A Day's Bag
Harris Martin Hayward Begging Otter 7/8
* Harrison Claude London Zoo
Harvey Sir George Portrait Studies
Haston Elspeth Bass Rock
Hayman Alan B Roe Deer and Bluebells
* Henry George Cherry Blossom
* Herald James Watterston Street Musicians
Herald James Watterston The Roup
* Hornel E A Burmese Water Carriers
* Howey Paul Puffin
Howson Peter Running Madonna
* Hunter George Leslie Study of a Man in a Kilt
* Hurt Louis Bosworth On the Dochart, Killin
* Hurt Louis Bosworth In the Highlands
Hurt Louis Bosworth Sunshine in Rain - Rannoch
* Hurt Louis Bosworth Mountain Mist
* Hurt Louis Bosworth Shetland Ponies, Bressay
* Hutchinson Andrew Royal Stag
Hutchinson Andrew Portrait of a Herdwick Ram
Hutchinson Andrew Foraging Squirrel
Hutchinson Andrew Portrait of a Spoonbill
Hutchinson Andrew Portrait of a Raccoon with Cardinal Beetle
Hutchinson Andrew Jack Russell
* Hutchinson Andrew Escape from Coal Tits
Hutchinson Andrew Portrait of Ayrshire Calf
Hutchinson Andrew Jack Russell Pup with Bumble Bee
Hutchinson Andrew Is it edible?
Hutchinson Andrew Fox cub
Hutchinson Andrew Black Labrador (min)
* Hutchinson Andrew Highland Stag (min)
* Hutchinson Andrew Pointer
* Hutchinson Andrew Antique Corkscrew
* Hutchinson Andrew Gloucester Old Spot
* Hutchinson Andrew Two Cherries
* Hutchinson Andrew Gloucester Old Spot
* Hutchison Robert Gemmell Leisure Moments
* Hutchison Robert Gemmell Happy Days
* Hutchison Robert Gemmell A Bowl of Porridge
Jamesone George Portrait of Sir John Sinclair 1st Bart
* Jamieson F E Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe
* Janssen Wouter Winter Landscape
* Jones Adrian Camel Corps bronze sculpture
* Jones Paul Hunting Scenes - a pair
* Kenny John T Trout Fishing on the Test
* Kerr Henry Wright The Smile
* Kerr Henry Wright The Red Cravat
* Kerr Henry Wright Light of Heart
* Kerr Henry Wright Dressed for the Occasion
* Kerr Henry Wright Preparing for an argument
Landseer Edwin ATT Portrait of a Hound
Landseer Edwin Gilbert Stuart Newton RA
Landseer Edwin Reverse Side of Gilbert Stuart Newton RA
Landseer Edwin Lady Louisa Russell
Landseer Edwin Lord Cosmo Russell
* Landseer Edwin Put to Flight
Landseer Edwin Monkey at a Fair
Landseer Edwin The Rest
Landweer Edwin Johnny Purves, Glen Feshie Devil
* Landseer Edwin Portrait of the Artist's Father
* Landseer Edwin Portrait of a Horse
* Landseer Edwin Portrait of Tyke
After Lawrence Sir Thomas Study of a Sleeping Child
* Lawrie Hamish B Village on the Moray Coast
* Leggett Alexander Lullaby
* McBey James Mending the Nets, Tangiers 1957
* Macculloch Horatio Skipness Castle, Loch Fyne
* Macculloch Horatio Erskine Ferry
* McDonald James Blake Kilchurn Castle
MacDuff William Christmas Morning
* McEwan Tom The Luve of Life's Young Day, 1898
* McEwan Tom At the cottage door
* McGregor Robert The Toy Duck
McLeay McNeil In the Highlands
* McMurtrie Mary Marigolds
* McMurtrie Mary Rose 'New Dawn'
McMurtrie Mary Japanese Anemone
McNaught James A Quiet Rehearsal
McNaught James Beauty Queen
* MacNee Robert Russell A Highland Croft
* McPhail Rodger Great Bustard
McPhail Rodger Autumn Shoot
Manser Rosita Going Home
* Meilof Ronald Misty Morning
* Meilof Ronald Young Lions
Millais Raoul Geese, South Uist
Millais Raoul The Pheasant Shoot
Millais Raoul Ponies by the Loch, Sutherland
Millais Raoul Snow in the Forest
* Milne John Maclauchlan Corrie Harbour - Arran
* Milne William Watt Landscape with barge and figures
  Mitchell John A Tranquil Loch
* Mitchell John Balmoral Castle, 1913
Mitchell John Cattle by the Dee
Monro Charles B The Torridon Mountains from the North Side of Gairloch
Morland George A Perfect View
Morland George Good Companions 1794
Morrocco Alberto Painted sideboard
* Musin Auguste Henri Zeezicht te Scheveningen
* Nasmyth Alexander
Loch Scene with Farm
* Nasmyth Alexander Stirling Castle
* Nasmyth Alexander A Water Mill in Angusshire
Nasmyth Alexander Stirling Castle, Benlomond in the distance
* Nasmyth Patrick The Ferry
* Newbould Frank Railway Poster
Newton Lucy Kittiwake on the Nest
Newton Lucy Black Calf
Newton Lucy Geese on the Loch
Newton Lucy Red Grouse
Newton Lucy Mother's Pride
* Newton Lucy Snowy Owl
* Newton Lucy Red Squirrel
* Newton Lucy Goldcrest
* Newton Lucy Willow Warbler
Newton Lucy Swan
* Newton Lucy Red Deer Stag
* Nicol Erskine The Ghillie
* Nicol Erskine Twa Highlanders
Nicol Erskine Taking his medicine
Orchardson Sir William Hamlet and the King
* Orr Norman Running Hare
* Ottewell Benjamin J Postie's Cottage on Mar Estate
Ottewell Benjamin J Looking towards Braemar Castle
* Ottewell Benjamin J A Highland Torrent
Oxtoby David J G James Brown - Mr Dynamite
* Paton Waller Hugh Lochranza
* Paton Waller Hugh By the river
Paton Waller Hugh Towards Arran
Paton Waller Hugh The Mill-pond Willow Tree
* Pettie John Covenanting Times
Poett Lucy Goose Girl
Poett Lucy Scottish Tinker Girl
Poett Lucy Water Buffalo
Poole Sophia Lane Wooded Landscape with Peasant reading a tombstone
* Pratt William Tending the Sheep
* Prigmore Justin The Coalition
* Putten Daniel van der Autumn Shelter
Putten Daniel van der Bluebells and Deer, Eildon Hills
Putten Daniel van der Kilchurn Castle in Wintry Mist
  Ramsay Lady Victoria Peonies
* Rankin Andrew Scott The Old Old Song
* Redpath, Anne OBE Begonia
Reid Sir George PRSA Professor John Stuart Blackie
* Reid George Ogilvie The Debutante
* Reid George Ogilvie Gentleman at desk
Reid John Robertson Fishing Boats off Fowey
Rennie George Melvin The Colonel's Bed
Rennie George Melvin Inverey Village
Rennie George Melvin Loch Callater
* Rennie George Melvin Inverey, near Braemar
Rennie George Melvin The Dee near Ballater
* Rennie George Melvin River Clunie at Braemar Golf Course
* Rennie George Melvin River Clunie near Braemar
Rennie George Melvin Loch Kinnord
* Rennie George Melvin Lairg Ghru
* Rennie George Melvin Ballater from Glen Muick
Rennie George Melvin Loch Kinnord and Davaan
* Rennie George Melvin Towards Lochnagar
Rennie George Melvin Loch Coe
Rennie George Melvin Loch Duich showing Five Sisters of Kintail
Rennie George Melvin Loch Ken and Ken Mure Castle
* Rennie George Melvin Balmoral Castle
* Rennie George Melvin Evening Light, Fraser's Brig
* Rennie George Melvin Braemar from Morrone
* Rennie George Melvin Skye
* Rennie George Melvin Glen Callater
* Rennie George Melvin Devil's Point & Lairg Ghru, the Cairngorms
* Rennie George Melvin Ballochbuie
* Rennie George Melvin Crofters Cottage, Sligachan, Skye
* Rennie George Melvin Balmoral
Rennie George Melvin Braemar from Craig Choinnich
* Rennie George Melvin Ballochbuie Forest , Royal Deeside
* Rennie George Melvin Above Braemar
* Rennie George Melvin Linn of Dee
* Rennie George Melvin Crathie Kirk
* Rennie George Melvin Corriemulzie
* Rennie George Melvin Glen Ey above Braemar
* Rennie George Melvin Deer by the Dhu Loch
* Rennie George Melvin Wintry Mam Sodhail, Glen Affric
* Rennie George Melvin Loch Davan
* Rennie George Melvin In Glen Muick Ballater
* Rennie George Melvin The Crofts Glen Muick
* Rennie George Melvin Evening Sun, Linn of Dee
* Rennie George Melvin Lochnagar
* Rennie George Melvin Loch Coruisk, Skye
* Rennie George Melvin Evening, Glen Clunie
* Rennie George Melvin Morning Mist, Loch Kinnord
* Rennie George Melvin Old Brig o' Dee (oval)
Rennie George Melvin On the Queen's Drive
* Rennie George Melvin Birkhall in Glen Muick
Renny James Bluetits
* Renny James Bluebells
* Renny James Barn Owl
  Renny James Siskins
Renny James Chaffinch
* Renny James Robin
Renny James Glenshee
Renny James Ballochbuie
Renny James Mountain Hare
Renny James Robin in Snow
Renny James Chaffinches
Renny James Forget-me-nots
* Renny James Greenfinches
  Robertson Sheila MacLeod September Morning – Glen Coe
  Roberston Sheila MacLeod Kynance, Cornwall
Robertson Sheila MacLeod Loch Sunart, Isle of Mull
* Robertson Miss Struan The return of the fishers
Rockwood Carolyn White Poppies
Rockwood Carolyn Garden at Fishing Bothy
Rockwood Carolyn Sheep & Lobster Buoys, Hebrides
* Rockwood Carolyn Hot Autumn Fields
Rockwood Carolyn Haystacks near a Croft, Barra
* Rockwod Carolyn Red Tulips, Amsterdam
Rockwood Carolyn Nesting Doves with Poppies
* Rockwood Carolyn Tweed Shed Flock, Hebrides
* Rockwood Carolyn Island Beach, Hebrides
Rockwood Carolyn Summer, West Coast, Lewis
* Rockwood Carolyn Shorescape with Sheep, Islay
* Rockwood Carolyn Jet Vase, Red Table
* Rockwood Carolyn Ripe Grain, Sussex Rams
* Rockwood Carolyn Flower Show Pansies
* Rong Xin Pulling on pumps
Russell William Quiraing Isle of Skye
* Scouller Glen Autumn Copse
* Sczebewski V Mousse siffleur Bronze
  Sealy Allen & Spencelayh Charles Golf match at St Georges Golf Club 1892
Shearer Donald Winter Magic
* Shearer Donald On the West Coast
Shears Marcelle Queen Elizabeth II
* Sheath Tony Picking Flowers
* Sheath Tony Gathering Flowers
* Sheath Tony Picnic by the River
* Sheath Tony Faithful Friends
* Simkin Richard Changing Uniform of the Seaforth Highlanders 1832 - 1906
* Sivell Robert Portrait of a Girl
Sivell Robert Argentina
Sivell Robert The Halberdier
Smith George Grandma's Story
* Souter John Bulloch Lady reclining with cigarette
* Steell Gourlay Peggy and the Gentle Shepherd
Steell Gourlay End of the Day
Sutherland, Dianne Mahonia Leaf
Tayler John Frederick The Highlander
Thackeray William Makepeace Study of a Girl
Thomson Jeff Painted Corrugated Iron Cows
* Thorburn Archibald Portrait of Red Grouse Head
* Thorburn Archibald Mallard
Thorburn Archibald Fox in Winter (Print)
Thorburn Archibald Woodcock (Print)
Thorburn Archibald Partridge in woodland (Print)
Thorburn Archibald Partridge (Print)
Thorburn Archibald Black Game in Winter (Print)
Thorburn Archibald Covey of Grouse (Print)
* Thornley William Ships ashore (pair)
* Thornley William Return of the fleet (pair)
* Trickett John Black Labs
* Trickett John Portrait of a Springer Spaniel
Tromp Jan Zoetelief Drying the Washing
* van Heerde Dick Evening Crossing
Van Heerde Dick Africa
* Van Heerde Dick Wolf
* Van Heerde Dick Cheetah Cubs
* Van Heerde Dick Tiger Cub
* Van Heerde Dick Curiosity
Van Heerde Dick Mother on alert
Van Heerde Dick Arabian Sand Gazelle
* Van Heerde Dick Zebra Foal
* Van der Putten Daniel Autumn Shelter
Van der Putten Daniel Deer in Winter
Van der Putten Daniel Deer in Eildon Hills
Van der Putten Daniel Kilchurn Castle in Wintry Mist
Walker Ethel Fruit Bowl with Poppies
* Wallace Frank A Lone Deer
Webb James On the river
* Webb James Homeward Bound
* Welch Andrew
View from Glen Callater
* Welch Andrew Upper Deeside
Wilkie Sir David King George IV's Entry into Holyrood
Wilkie Sir David A Study for Sir David Baird
Wilkie Sir David The Death of Sir Philip Sidney
* Wilkie Sir David Portrait of the Artist's Brother
* Williams Glyn Covey of Grouse
* Williams Glyn Three Ducks
* Williams Glyn In the Farmyard
Williams Sir Kyffin Portrait of a Rugged Farmer with Cap
* Williams Warren Monument to Charles Edward Stuart, Glenfinnan
  Williamson John Highlanders
Wright John Masey Illustration for the Vicar of Wakefield
* Wyllie Harold The Faucon of the Tower
* West David Near Lossiemouth
* English School 18th century General Robert Melville
* Early 20th Century Portrait of a Deerhound head
* 19th Century Scottish Sir Neil Menzies with Menzies Castle in background
19th Century Continental Lady in Black
Biedermeier c1840 Innocence
* French c 1925 Le Touquet Poster
French School 19C Portrait Miniature of young Girl with Basket of Flowers in her lap
Poster circa 1930 The Golfing Girl
Lines' Brothers Rocking Horse circa 1930
After Thomas Gainsborough Sheep and Cows by a River
After Teniers Game of Boules
After George Stubbs Set of 4 Coloured Engravings - Shooting Parts i, ii, iii, iv